Benignus Elementary PTO 2017-18 Committees

Below is the list of Benignus Elementary PTO Committees, descriptions of how volunteers participate in this committee, and the name/email of the committee chairperson.




School Events

Deidre Leggiero -

Help coordinate Fall Family Fun Night, holiday parties, and other school events.


Teacher Appreciation

Kelly Smyth -

Help provide fun snacks, make crafts or gifts for our teachers as part of Teacher Appreciation events.


Community Outreach

Heather Winkler -

Help with community events and service projects like the First Responders Day Event, Veterans Day Event and other community outreach programs.


Homeroom Mom

April Hoogland -

Serve as the liaison between the teacher and the other classroom parents to help organize class helpers, readers and parties. 



Ashley Cunningham & Jennifer Proctor -  and

Provide food for the teacher and staff luncheons every six weeks. No serving is necessary. Signups for dishes, etc, will be sent out prior to each hospitality event. 



Ashlee Hamilton-

Fathers, grandfathers, step-fathers, uncles, and other father figures/guardians who volunteer to serve at least one day a year in a variety of school activities as assigned by the school principal or other administrator.


Treat Day

Carrie Prime -

Volunteers are needed to pop, bag and deliver freshly popped popcorn to the students every 9 weeks on report card day.


Art Appreciation

Miranda Allen -

Volunteers help students explore art pieces during the week long Mini Museum at Benignus in the Spring along with various other Art related activities.


Helping Hands

Christina Perea -

Volunteers are needed once a week to help teachers with various tasks such as cutting, stapling, anything to lend the teachers a helping hand.


Music Appreciation

Melanie Dimiceli -

Help with set decorations, costumes, and other preparations for the music department’s two annual concerts. Participate (as voices) in the Puppet Show in the Spring. The script and puppets are provided. No music ability or experience required!



Diane Hunt -

Assist the librarian by shelving books and other miscellaneous tasks. Volunteers also help with the Fall and Spring book fairs.


Corporate Rewards

Laila Amirali -

Collect, cut, and count the Box Tops for Education throughout the year. Benignus receives money and/or supplies.  Kroger Cards and Amazon Smile


5th Grade Appreciation

Jackie White -

Volunteers are needed to help plan and decorate the gym for a celebration in honor of the 5th graders who are leaving Benignus!


Kindergarten Appreciation


At the end of the year, Benignus holds a special Kindergarten Awards Ceremony.  Volunteers are need to help with decorations and set up.


Upcoming Events

No Upcoming Events


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